Financial Count

TakeStock has a robust procedure to collect, verify and audit financial values and report departmental totals manually, with it's unique Financial Count System.

This may be best in situations where clients find it more useful to collect and consider financial information at departmental level rather than item-level, or where a barcode cost dataset is not available.

Our procedure allows us to ensure and demonstrate that every location has been included in the count, without duplication, so that clients may confidently act on the results provided.

It allows us to show shelf and section totals by department to facilitate verification, and it allows us to perform tests on each of our clerks to ensure an accurate count.

These steps allow us to demonstrate to a client (or clients in the case of ownership change) that every location has been included, that the values in each location are approved, and that any tests required are done to their satisfaction.

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  • Easy to Follow Location Analysis
  • Reliable,Clear Departmental Breakdown
  • Verifiable, Accurate Financial Information



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